Local Roots Community Supported Agriculture

2019 Main-Season CSA

Updated July 15th: Signup now open for a 20 week season, beginning July 30th. The price for the 20-week session is $480 for our regular size box, or $600 for the Large size. We deliver to pickup sites every Tuesday through the end of October, and then switch to every-other-week delivery for the last three boxes (November 5th, 19th, and December 3rd). The last three boxes contain double the amount of produce and are each intended to last for two weeks.

Complete details available here: Summer-Fall CSA 2019

Each regular-size box contains between 7-10 items of vegetables, and is intended for a family of 2 who cooks at home 3 or 4 nights a week. We offer a large size option that includes another 2-3 items each week. We focus primarily on staple items like carrots, lettuce, kale, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers during the spring and summer months. For fall, we grow an extensive array of hardy and storage crops: leeks, radicchio, winter squash, beets, rutabaga, parsnips, celeriac, and garlic, to name a few.  Every week you will receive one or two “oddities” like radicchio, escarole, fennel, purslane, kohlrabi, and daikon radishes, but most of the produce in our boxes will be familiar to you.

Price: The regular size share is $624 ($24/week) and the large size is $780 ($30/week). You may pro-rate your price for weeks you will be out of town – dates must be chosen prior to the start of the season, and we do not offer refund or “make-up” boxes for missed weeks.

Payment – We are not set up for online signups or to take credit cards, but we do accept an assortment of e-pay options, which are usually free for both parties. To sign up paperlessly, email Siri @ localrootsfarm.com with your preferred pickup location and to confirm payment details.

Why join our CSA?

Happy CSA members: Each year, about 75% of our members re-join. Our year-end member survey consistently shows very high levels of satisfaction with our produce selection, quality, and value for price.

Just the right amount of produce: Our box size is a little smaller than most CSA offerings, with 7-10 different items each week. We promise to give you a good value for your dollar, but will never overwhelm you with excessive vegetables. Each week you’ll get a good mix of the best produce of the season, thoughtfully chosen to make cooking dinner easy.

Longer CSA season: We’ve invested in storage infrastructure on our farm that enables us to provide diverse vegetable offerings all the way through November. For 2019 our CSA season is 26 weeks long, and we’re always trying new varieties and new storage methods to extend the season even further.

Support our mission-driven farm: Besides growing the best possible produce, Siri and Jason are also dedicated to growing new farmers. Over the last 12 years, 10 Local Roots Farm employees have gone on to start their own farming operations. We offer a farm incubator program for employees, plus ongoing mentorship and support. Siri and Jason are also active in their service to the local food and farming community as board and committe members.

What’s in a box? Visit our CSA newsletter archives.

Testimonials from CSA members

“Unparalleled and dependable delivery of delicious, beautiful veggies grown with love. You make dinner so much fun that we’ve even learned to eat the kale! You bring variety to our dinner table and we love it.”

“It is such a joy to receive our weekly box of vegies. I have been introduced to so many yummy vegies I never would have known about, and love the recipes/prep suggestions in the newsletter. You guys are the best!! Thank you!”

“-I like the personal connection with the farmers. I know who grows the food I eat. -The CSA is not enormous. It is small enough to feel almost like a family.”